VIDEO: 1DA Ft. Harrysong – Joy (Remix)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:57 PM PDT

Afro-pop star 1DA teams up with the raved Harrysong to make an already great song greater, as they deliver a mega remix to 1DA’s buzzing track “Joy”.

“Joy (Remix)” lives up to expectation as the beat and lyrics get new exciting elements; Harrysong in his usual style delivers a melodious but controversial verse that will get you on first listen.

not forgetting 1DA’s infectious and brilliant pop style (displayed in “Activate” etc.) to reaffirm the greatness of “Joy”.

The mega collaboration arrives with a colorful and energetic video directed by his label executive Adasa Cookey, that is fated to catapult the number to the top of the charts and playlists.

Watch, download, stream, buy and enjoy “Joy (Remix)”!


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MUSIC: Mr Raw ft. Flavour – Blessing (Prod. by Masterkraft)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:37 PM PDT

Mr Raw returns with a brand new single titled ‘BLESSING” featuring High-Life Maestro Flavour . The song was Produced by Masterkraft and Mixed by Kunle Akintayo.

Listen Up!


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MUSIC: Jhybo – Iya Yin

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:26 PM PDT

jhybo releases his latest track entitled Iya Yin, an easy going hypnotic sound produced from a flirty trap beat.

Rap Woli puts his own unique spin on the beat striving to challenge the norm with steady & effectual lyrics.

Lima Music endeavours to bring their fan base a catalogue of mixed music, our adage being originality is key.

Iya Yin was produced by Snagxy & mix/mastered by IKON.

"I'm LIMA to the bone now , Iya Yin" – Highness, chill out & enjoy.

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Paul George Ready To Challenge LeBron James

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:19 PM PDT

Three years, three seasons has gone by since the Indiana Pacers had the honour of finishing with the best record in the East. Paul George is confident they can mirror the past in 2017.

The Pacers man also believes he is up to the task of going up against Cleveland’s Lebron James in an individual battle. The size of James is intimidating enough, George must be in something different.

Both players had some epic battles prior to Paul George breaking in leg in 2014. And with a new season dawning, he is ready for James.

"Honestly, I look at us challenging them. I've been in the East and I've been No. 1 with LeBron being on a team," George told Yahoo’s Michael Lee, pointing out how Indiana finished ahead of LeBron’s Miami Heat in the standings in 2014.

"I've always matched up with him like, 'I know he can do this, I know he can do that.' Not in an awe fashion, but it's more so, 'I'm not supposed to win these games. This is supposed to be the best dude in the NBA. I'm trying to challenge him. I know what I'm up against.' Now it's, 'I'm ready. I'm ready for you. I'm a veteran. I know you, you know me. Let's meet here, let's get this job done.' I'm prepared. I've had time to figure this out. I've had time to lick my wounds. I'm ready."

George is certainly capable of backing up these words, and it’s not hard to envision the Pacers becoming a top-four team in the East.

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MUSIC: Fanzy Papaya ft. Patoranking – Bless Me (Prod. By Dr Amir)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:07 PM PDT

Fanzy papaya finally drops the much anticipated collaboration featuring top reggae star patoranking titled ‘Bless me’.

‘Bless me’ as it suggests is an everyday prayer for success finely composed and delivered by Fatha Figga Entertainment’s act Fanzy and the reggae king Patoranking produced by ace hit maker Dr Amir.

As fanzy papaya carves his niche in the industry, a lot is expected soonest from him with the video of ‘bless me’ expected to be dropped in a few weeks too.

Enjoy and follow Fanzy papaya online IG @fanzypapaya Twitter @MrFanzyPapays FB page Fanzy Papaya

Listen Up!


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Montella: Milan Played Fiorentina Afraid

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:01 PM PDT

Vincenzo Montella has slammed his men for playing with fear in the goalless draw against Fiorentina.

The Rossonerri were underwhelming in the first half and could have beaten Inter to the top three at the Stadio Artemio Franchi.

While Milan improved after the break and could have won the game with a late penalty appeal waved away, Montella wants to see more from his players.

“In the first half, we lacked a little courage,” Montella told Mediaset Premium. “Fiorentina were a little superior [in the first half], but I saw an even match overall.

“We gave up a lot of room. We were afraid, and I expected more. In the second half, we created more chances and I really liked the will to win.

“But it was a test passed with a minimum grade. We must pass more tests.”

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Conte: Chelsea Risk Missing Out On Europe

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 11:00 PM PDT

Antonio Conte believes Chelsea must improve following their 3-0 loss to Arsenal, to avoid finishing in the middle of the table.

The blues finished 10th on the log last season after a disappointing start, with Conte hired to right the ship.

Nevertheless, the former Italy boss has admitted they still have plenty of work to do.

“We must improve a lot of if we want to stay up [at the top] and not in the middle of the table,” said the Italian.

“But my message is not important. The most important message is the one that arrives on the pitch. We must all understand this message, and find very soon the right solution to improve.

“I don’t sleep [after a loss like against Arsenal], I don’t sleep for two nights. When I don’t sleep, I reflect. And it’s important to reflect.

“I got angry at half-time but I prefer to keep my words. There are rules in the dressing room. Sure I was angry but my players were also angry. We were not satisfied with our game, with our performance.

“I have to find the solution very, very soon because against Arsenal we played a very bad game.”

The reverse at Emirates Stadium made it three winless top-flight matches for Chelsea, who sit eighth.

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#LCA2016: Lights Camera Africa Film Festival List – Synopses & Trailers (Part 2)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 08:07 PM PDT

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2016 brings to audiences an offering of films under the banner 'Music Makes the People…'

The three days festival is an unabashed display of works of film that speak to the power of music and indeed other art forms to create love, express sorrow, build bridges and end wars.

It is a feast that is dedicated to screening the very best of emerging, fresh, independent African cinema and in particular celebrating the musical voice of film.

Featuring the famous Festival Souk, inter-disciplinary showcases of literature, visual art and live music, the festival promises to be one of a lifetime.

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival is taking place 30th September – 2nd October 2016 at The Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

Get yourself prepared for the 6th edition of Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2016  – check out synopses and trailers (Part 2)

11. Intore (The Chosen) Dir. Eric Kabera, Rwanda, 2014, 64 min Trailer

Intore is a story of triumph, survival, hope, and a lesson in how to forgive and live, through a mother whose grief gives hope; an artist who chose to forgive; a maestro who brings together the National Ballet; and a young man's determination. Through these characters and others, viewers will witness how the nation rose from a horrific genocide to post-conflict peace and unity. The film features music performances from Rwanda's top traditional and commercial artists in music and dance, interwoven with poignant interviews.

12. Lagos: 1861-1960 the growth of a city of style Dir. Ed Emeka Keazor, Nigeria, 2016, 30 min Trailer

A glimpse into the emergence of the city of Lagos as the iconic style capital of West Africa. This 30-minute documentary illustrates the fashion, the music, the trends and events that shaped an image conscious an iconic city. This era is brought to life with the images, video clips and music of the era, set to an illuminating background narrative by historian and writer Ed Emeka Keazor

13. Miniyamba (Walking Blues) Dir. Luc Perez, France/Denmark, 2012, 15 min

Like thousands of people around the world who every day leave their homeland, Abdu, a young Malian, has decided to reach Europe. A trip from the Niger River to the barbed wire of the Ceuta, where dreams are confronted with the harsh reality, the distant lights of the West …


14. No Good Turn Dir. Udoka Oyeka, Nigeria, 2016, 17 min Trailer

A gruesome Boko Haram terrorist attack has destroyed the bank, the police station and the market of a small town in Northern Nigeria. In charge of the overcrowded ER of a rundown hospital, Dr. Gbenga and his staff are doing all they can to help the victims, when a young man suspected to be one of the terrorists is brought in. The town's Chief of Police demands immediate jungle justice but Gbenga must keep everyone's values in check especially his own.

15. New York, I Love You Dir. Iquo B. Essien, USA, 2016, 21 min Trailer

Viviane is a neurotic, struggling actress given to childish flights of fancy–like moving to LA on a whim to revive her dwindling career. But can she leave New York and Kazembe, the love of her life, behind?

16. Olive Dir. Alfonso Johnson, USA, 2016, 6.5 min Trailer 

Olive is a short film that explores betrayal, heartbreak, and chance encounters. The film was inspired by the song O Mistress Mine written by William Shakespeare and performed by Caleb Eberhardt of the hip hop/jazz duo Quincy Vidal.

Olive – A Short Film By Alfonso Johnson from Alfonso Johnson on Vimeo.

17. Too Black to be French? Dir.Isabelle Boni-Claverie, France/Cote d’Ivoire, 2015, 52 min Trailer

In this documentary film, Isabelle Boni-Claverie explores the role of race and the persistence of racism in France, as well as the impact of the French colonial past. Through an exploration of her personal family history, and interviews with historians and academics, TOO BLACK TO BE FRENCH peels back the layers of race relations in supposedly institutionally colourblind France. Boni-Claverie, a French-Ivorian, who grew up in upper class French society, unpacks how socio-economic privilege doesn't mean protection from racial discrimination. She solicits anonymous individuals to speak on their daily experiences with race, class, discrimination and micro-aggressions. The film also features interviews with acclaimed sociologists and historians including Pap Ndiaye, Eric Fassin, Achille Mbembe, and Patrick Simon to help contextualize racial history in France. Boni-Claverie's film starts an urgent discussion on French society’s inequalities and discrimination.

18. Towards Tenderness Dir. Alice Diop, France, 2015, 40 min Trailer

An intimate exploration of a masculine territory in a French suburb. Following a group of men's vagrancy, we stride a universe where female bodies are nothing more than ghostly and virtual silhouettes. “‘Towards tenderness’ – four young men speaking freely, locked in their sexual and romantic representations or on the verge of getting out of it.”


19. The Amazing Nina Simon Dir. Jeff Lieberman, USA, 2015, 108 min Trailer

She was left out of Civil Rights history, erased by jazz critics, and forgotten by most Americans because no one knew how to categorize her greatness. But throughout the 1960s, Nina Simone was both loved and feared for her outspoken vision of Black Freedom. Her musical proclamations like Mississippi Goddam, and her iconic style gave voice to people of all colors facing oppression, and continues to empower today with its unrelenting appeal for justice. Yet, Nina is often remembered more for her fiery temper, scolding of audiences and her subsequent abrupt departure from the United States. With this film, we get one step closer to understanding the woman who has given fans moments of pride, and opportunities to cry in solitude. We gain a deeper appreciation of Nina’s music, and an understanding of the events leading to their creation. We continue her fight for freedom for all people, and introduce younger audiences to the songs that inspired us. We help preserve and understand the Amazing Nina Simone.

The Amazing Nina Simone – Documentary Feature Trailer from Re-Emerging Films on Vimeo.

20. The Other Side of the Atlantic Dir. Marcio Camara and Daniele Ellery, Brazil, 2015, 90 min Trailer

This is a documentary that builds a bridge in the ocean that separates Brazil and Africa. The film tackles the cultural exchanges, the imaginary created through the mirroring, the prejudice and dreams built in both sides of the atlantic through the life stories of the students of african countries in transit through Brazil.

The Other Side of the Atlantic – Trailer from Marcio Camara on Vimeo.

21. The Return Dir. Yohann Kouam, France, 2013, 22 min Trailer

It’s been a year since his big brother left, and Willy, 15, can’t wait for him to return. Willy thought he knew everything about Theo, but when he arrives back in the block, Willy discovers a secret about him… "The Return" ("Le Retour"), an acclaimed 20-minute film from French director Yohann Kouam with a synopsis that reads: When the older brother he idolizes comes back home, Willy realizes that he doesn't know him as well as he thought.

22. The Sense of Touch Dir. Jean-Charles Mbotti Mololo, France/Switzerland, 2014, 15min Trailer

Chloe and Louis are deaf and mute. They are secretly in love but they don't admit it. Their gestures substitute for words. They dance, each word is choreography.

23. Tunde Dir. Ron Wyman, USA, 105 min, 2013 Trailer

'TUNDE' is a documentary about Tunde Jegede, a master Kora and cello player who composes and performs a seamless fusion of African and classical music; "Home Sweet Home" about squatters and homeless people five years after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (co-produced with Pulitzer Prize winning author Dale Maharidge); and " Murals of Belfast" about the power of art in the troubles of Northern Ireland.

READ: #LCA2016: Lights Camera Africa Film Festival List – Synopses & Trailers (Part 1)
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#LCA2016: Lights Camera Africa Film Festival List – Synopses & Trailers (Part 1)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 07:06 PM PDT

This September, the Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2016 brings to audiences an offering of films under the banner 'Music Makes the People…'

The three days festival is an unabashed display of works of film that speak to the power of music and indeed other art forms to create love, express sorrow, build bridges and end wars.

It is a feast that is dedicated to screening the very best of emerging, fresh, independent African cinema and in particular celebrating the musical voice of film.

Featuring the famous Festival Souk, inter-disciplinary showcases of literature, visual art and live music, the festival promises to be one of a lifetime.

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival is taking place 30th September – 2nd October 2016 at The Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

Get yourself prepared for the 6th edition of Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2016  – check out synopses and trailers (Part 1)

1. Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughi (Rain, the Colour of Blue with a little Red in it) – Dir. Christopher Kirkley, Niger, 2015, 75 mins

Akounak tells the universal story of a musician trying to make it against all odds, set against the backdrop of the raucous subculture of Tuareg guitar. The protagonist, real life musician Mdou Moctar, must battle fierce competition from jealous musicians, overcome family conflicts, endure the trials of love, and overcome his biggest rival – himself. Stylistically borrowing from the Western rock-u-drama and a homage to Purple Rain, the story was written with and for a Tuareg audience, drawing from experiences of Mdou Moctar and fellow musicians. Carried by stunning musical performances from Mdou, the film is equally a window into modern day Tuareg guitar in the city of Agadez as it is an experiment in modern ethnographic filmmaking and new techniques of cross cultural collaboration.

2. Anton, Dir. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Uganda/Germany/USA, 2016, 5min

A young German boy longs for his father in Africa.

ANTON teaser from Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine on Vimeo.

3. 'Biodun Olaku: Nigerian Painter, Dir. Tam Fiofori, Nigeria, 2016, 18mins

'BIODUN OLAKU: NIGERIAN PAINTER is an 18-minute documentary film by Tam Fiofori. It visually chronicles a surprise visit to one of Nigeria's most accomplished painters and, also one of Tam's favourite artists, 'Biodun Olaku, at his work-space in the Universal Studios complex opposite the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, in 2002. Without much prompting, 'Biodun Olaku graciously and spontaneously talked about his philosophy as a painter and artist; his busy role, "passing visual comments on social, political and other activities that take place around me and I witness." He then uses five of his paintings to illustrate his philosophy, inspiration and role as an artist, as well as explaining his technique, elements of design and dramatic use of colours.

A recent chance encounter with an old Olaku exhibition catalogue led to the search and rediscovery of the 'raw' and now 'fragile' 2002 Olaku footage from Fiofori's archives and, the compulsive inspiration to produce this timeless documentary on 'Biodun Olaku; a frontline Nigerian painter, in 2016.

4. Cholo – Dir. Muzna Almusafer, Oman, 2016, 21 min Trailer

The dark-skinned 11-year-old Cholo meets his fair-skinned brother Abdullah for the first time, when their father Saeed arrives in Zanzibar from Muscat. Although, strikingly different, the two boys enjoy a crackling chemistry.

CHOLO from Muzna Almusafer on Vimeo.

5. Destino, Dir. Zangro, France,2013, 22 min Trailer

Two young guys from the neighborhood (Loïc and Mehdi) have set up a little business filming arabic wedding celebrations and then editing them in their mini van, their 'audiovisual laboratory'. But when Mehdi starts to film the wedding of Leila, his pretty ex-girlfriend… Destiny happens.

Destino bande annonce – H264 from zangro zangro on Vimeo.

6. Gidi Blues, Dir. Femi Odugbemi, Nigeria, 2016, 103 min Trailer

Akin is an indulged playboy from an affluent family who accidentally meets an interesting beauty in an unpredictable place. Nkem is a beautiful, confident but unusual young lady who devotes herself to her work as a community volunteer in the belly of the city’s worst slum. Their encounter drags them both into a whirlwind experience that unravels their world.

7. Green White Green Dir. Abba Makama, Nigeria, 2016, 102 min Trailer

A group of young bohemian artists hang out and search for direction in their lives in the stagnant months leading up to the beginning of their university studies, in this richly textured and frequently funny look at Lagos' new generation. Hip, modern, and bursting with creative energy, this is the look of young Lagos. Uzoma and his friends are on the cusp of adulthood, feeling directionless in those stagnant months before the beginning of their university studies. They spend their days playing videogames or competing in impromptu yab-offs, improvised insult matches where the quip that gets the most laughs determines the winner. They’re conscious of the varied cultures of Nigeria’s Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba ethnic groups, but they’re as likely to play those for laughs as for beef.

These young bohemians are also artists: painters and filmmakers looking to hone their crafts and tap into their own reservoirs of inspiration. Self-taught painter Uzoma struggles to sell his work on the street, and will readily wait all day at a local art gallery for a chance to speak with the owner. Baba experiments with his first short film, even if the set is just his own backyard. If inexperience is a barrier, then persistence and fearless ambition are their secret weapons. It’s a can-do way of life that feels perfectly Lagosian; these guys are right at home in this city whose population of 21 million is always on the go. Richly textured, funny, and a bit cheeky, Green White Green presents a cityscape reminiscent of a Spike Lee joint, with its vivid colours and vivacious inhabitants.

8. House Of Nwapa Dir. Onyeka Nwelue, Nigeria, 2016, 90 min

The House of Nwapa chronicles the story of Flora Nwapa, considered as Africa's first female novelist published in English. A string of narratives and interviews, featuring Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, children's literature writer, Mabel Segun, German anthropologist, Sabine Jell-Bahlsen and former Heinemann editor, James Currey. It details who she was and what she represented.

9. I Shot Bi Kidude Dir. Andy Jones, UK, 2015, 105 min

Shot in Zanzibar, it is a beautiful tale of a singer who was the oldest singer alive in some parts of Zanzibar. It is a documentary showing Bi Kidude when she was about a 100years old and still touring the country and the world, performing her music internationally. Bi Kikude was a rebel-rocking chain smoker whose sense of humour was vibrant and carried that spirit throughout into her old age. Bi Kikude was known as the 'Queen of Zanzibar', the 'Queen of Africa'. A huge annual music festival called 'Busara', in Zanzibar, was never complete without Bi Kikude's performance. Bi Kikude in her old age became very sick but then was shockingly kidnapped. The world's oldest singer is kidnapped. A mystery: who kidnaps an old woman who was loved by all?

10. In the Eye of the Eye of the Spiral Dir Raynald Leconte/Eve Blouin, USA/Haiti/UK, 2014, 72 mins

In the Eye of the Spiral details an artistic and philosophical movement born in Haiti called Spiralism, which has spread across the arts, touching upon spirituality and even politics. Featuring narration by Annie Lennox and the music of Brian Eno, the film sheds light on the state of a country hit by corruption and natural disaster, and the incredible will of Haitian artists who produce art as a personal form of redemption and survival.

IN THE EYE OF THE SPIRAL Trailer from In the Eye of the Spiral on Vimeo.


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Menswear: Josh Amor SS’17 YIN YANG Collection (LOOKBOOK)

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 04:49 PM PDT

Nigerian menswear designer, Josh Amor, presents its latest SS’ 17 collection.

As inspired by the Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang “dark and bright” illustrates how opposite forces are in actual sense complementary, inter-connected and interdependent in nature.

Many tangible dualities such as light and dark, fire and water, expansion and contraction are perceived as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by the YinYang philosophy.

On this note, it is safe to say nearly everything has a Yin Yang perspective. For instance, shadows cannot exist without a reflection of light.

This has been interpreted as a monochromatic collection that shows the distinctiveness and interdependency of black and white as an invisible whole instead of two distinct features.

The designer of this collection, Ayobamidele Majekodunmi; in his own words describes the YinYang collection as:

*”a disambiguation that revolves around the black and white colours to show how distant but yet related, reflecting on the brands aesthetics. It is a dualistic monism and can be seen as a complementary rather than opposing hues that interacts to form dynamic pieces in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts”*.

More importantly is the message of peace and unity  this collection preaches. The fact that black and white race would be better off coming together as one people.

How beautiful the world will be especially without racial segregation, discrimination, fights and crisis.

Check out the Josh Amor SS17 full lookbook below

Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-1-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-2-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-3-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-3b-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-4-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-5-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-6-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-7-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-8-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9a-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9b-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-10-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-10a-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-11-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-campaign look-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-campaign-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-Campng-360NOBS

Creative Credits

Brand: Josh Amor l @thejoshamorbrand

Styling: TheJoshAmorStyleTeam l @joshamor_

Photography: Jerrie Rotimi l @jerrie_rotimi

Models: Tunji Hamzat l @oga_tunji; Kimmie Adams l @dopekingdavidadams

Makeup: Morolake Olomu l @mss.yasmin

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Nigeria’s Only LGA Without A Senior Secondary School Gets ‘N1.2bn Fund’ For Construction

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 02:16 PM PDT

Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has approved the construction of the N1.2 billion Government Secondary School in Balle, headquarters of Gudu Local Government Area of the state.

GOVERNOR Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State on Saturday laid the foundation stone for the construction of the N 1.2 billion Government Secondary School in Balle, headquarters of Gudu Local Government Area of the state
GOVERNOR Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State on Saturday laid the foundation stone for the construction of the N 1.2 billion Government Secondary School in Balle, headquarters of Gudu Local Government Area of the state

It was gathered that the town, Gudu, remains the only LGA without a senior secondary school in Nigeria.

Speaking on Saturday at the event, which was attended by development partners and religious and traditional rulers from within and outside Sokoto, Tambuwal disclosed that his administration decided to embark on the project as Gudu had remained the only local government in the state without a Senior Secondary School.

He said: " The state government embarked on the project as the area had remained the only one out of the 23 local governments of the state without a Senior Secondary School.

" The school will be a co-educational one, both for boys and girls.

" It will also attract students from the state, other states of Nigeria and others from the neighbouring Niger Republic.

" Students of the school would be taught in both English and French.''

Nigeria's Only LGA Without A Senior Secondary School Gets 'N1.2bn Fund' For Construction In Sokoto
Nigeria's Only LGA Without A Senior Secondary School Gets 'N1.2bn Fund' For Construction In Sokoto

The governor also assured that funds would be made available for the completion of the project on schedule, adding that the contractor had since been paid 30 percent of the contract sum while the project would be completed in the next four months.

" Education is key to success both in this world and in the hereafter.

" The school is aimed at improving enrolment, retention and completion of students across the state.

" It is also aimed at improving equal access to education for both the boy and girl child in the state.

" When you educate a girl,you educate the society and when you educate a boy, you educate only an individual," he added.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Tambuwal also inaugurated the disbursement of N211 million grants of the Nigeria Partnership For Education Project and the World Bank.

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Boko Haram: Nigerian Army Reacts To Shekau’s New Video

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 01:09 PM PDT

The Nigerian Army has reacted to a video purportedly posted by a factional leader of the Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau.

READ ALSO: Boko Haram's Shekau Mocks Nigerian Army In New Video; Says He Is 'In Good Health'

Sani Kukasheka Usman, a colonel and acting director of army public relations while reacting to the video in a statement on Sunday in Abuja, said the army had more than what "it takes to defend them and deal decisively with the remnants of the terrorists".

He said: "We would like to reiterate that Boko Haram terrorism as it was known, is gone for good.

"We are just counting down to the day when all the few remnants will be totally wiped out or brought to justice.

"However, a window still exists for the repentant ones among them to lay down their arms and surrender to justice".

Usman noted that the purported factional leader of the terrorist also tried albeit failingly, to deny the air raid by the Nigerian Air Force in which he was wounded.

"The video has shown beyond all reasonable doubt the earlier suspicion that the purported factional terrorists group leader is mentally sick and unstable.

"The ranting is also another sign that the end is near for him which is part of the signs of all wicked people.

"The Nigerian Army wishes to assure the public that nobody should be bothered with the contents of the video clip.

"This is because the available fact on the development speaks for itself.

"The military has been making concerted efforts to clear the remnants of the terrorists and rescue all persons held hostage by them, especially the abducted Chibok Secondary School girls," Usman said.

He vowed that the task would be accomplished, no matter how long it would take, adding that the military was determined in that regard.

"Already, thousands of people have been rescued by our troops from the den of the terrorists.

"He has derailed and no longer believes and practises the Islam he professes to follow;  as he was absent at the last Eid prayers video.

"It is equally reported that he could not even lead prayers. The public should not be fooled by this individual.

"No nation or society would believe him or any Boko Haram terrorist, based on his antecedents, having shown  to be unreliable, especially when it comes to negotiations on the release of the abducted girls.

"Therefore, he must release them unconditionally," the army spokesman said.

(Source: NAN)

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Enugu Rangers Win Nigeria Professional Football League Title [See Standings]

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 12:33 PM PDT

Enugu Rangers have emerged as the champions of the Nigeria Professional Football League for the 2015/16 season after defeating Ikorodu United 2-1 away from home at the MKO Abiola Stadium on Sunday.

The Flying Antelopes won the Nigeria top-flight title for the first time in 32 years after Rivers United failed to beat Abia Warriors – meaning the Enugu based club side can no longer be caught.

First half goals from Obinna Nwobodo and Chisom Egbuchulam helped Rangers clinched the League title with a game left to spare.

Imama Amapakabo's men could have waited for the last game of the season against El Kanemi Warriors on October 2, but Rivers United were held to a 0-0 draw by relegation-threatened Abia Warriors, while Wikki Tourists lost 1-0 against Shooting Stars.

Thus, Rangers with the win in Abeokuta, have an unassailable 60 points.

They lead their closest challengers, Rivers United by three points but with superior goals difference.

Nigeria Premier League Standings:

Pos Team P W D L GS GA +/- Pts
1 Enugu Rangers International FC Enugu Rangers 35 17 9 9 49 37 +12 60
2 Rivers United FC Rivers United 35 18 3 14 36 28 +8 57
3 Ifeanyi Uba United (Gabros FC) Ifeanyi Uba 35 16 8 11 37 32 +5 56
4 Wikki Tourists FC Wikki Tourist 35 15 9 11 44 29 +15 54
5 Sunshine Stars FC Sunshine Stars 35 14 11 10 44 35 +9 53
6 Lobi Stars FC Lobi Stars 35 15 7 13 39 35 +4 52
7 Kano Pillars FC Kano Pillars 35 15 6 14 46 39 +7 51
8 El Kanemi Warriors FC El Kanemi Warriors 35 16 3 16 37 38 -1 51
9 Nasarawa United FC Nasarawa United 35 16 2 17 41 41 +0 50
10 Enyimba International FC Enyimba 36 14 8 14 34 35 -1 50
11 Niger Tornadoes FC Niger Tornadoes 35 15 3 17 39 41 -2 48
12 Plateau United FC Plateau United 35 13 9 13 33 36 -3 48
13 Akwa United FC Akwa United 35 13 8 14 44 44 +0 47
14 Shooting Stars FC (3SC) Shooting Stars 35 14 5 16 41 47 -6 47
15 Abia Warriors FC Abia Warriors 35 11 12 12 33 38 -5 45
16 Heartland FC Owerri Heartland 35 11 10 14 24 29 -5 43
17 Mountain of Fire and Miracles FC MFM 35 11 9 15 35 40 -5 42
18 Warri Wolves FC Warri Wolves 35 11 9 15 28 38 -10 42
19 Ikorodu United FC Ikorodu United 35 7 11 17 32 54 -22 32
20 Giwa FC Giwa 0 0 0 0 0 0 +0 0

Source: Goal.com

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Okiemute Emerges Surprise Winner Of #ProjectFameame9.0

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 12:00 PM PDT

The #ProjectFame9.0 competition comes to an end today after a gruelling 61 days in the academy.

Okiemute was the surprise winner of season 9 of MTN Project Fame West Africa after a keenly contested battle between super talents from all over the west Africa region.

Following 24 talents who got reduced to the super 6 contestants who gave entertaining performances comprising of their personal compositions and African contemporary hits.

The winner of the show, Okiemute Ighorodje performed Phyno's popular song "Fada Fada" for the closing night and it ended in a rave of applause.

The winner, 25-year old Okiemute walked away with the grand prize of N5m, an SUV, and a recording contract worth millions of Naira.

The first runner up was Elizabeth and she performed Tiwa Savage's "Standing Ovation". For her effort in the house, she went home with N3m and a car.

Kitay whom a lot of people thought will emerge winner was the Second runner up and he performed Kiss Daniels' "Mama". Kitay got N2m and a car.

Pere on his part came fourth and he sang Sam Smith's "Writing on the Wall" while also walking away with N2m.

Dapo on the fifth position sang Labrinth's "Jealous" and he got the prize of N1m.

Winner completed the final six as she sang Adele's "Hello" and came sixth. She went home with N500,000.

Each and every single one of the final six contestants are winners as they all became instant millionaires.

However, not much is to be desired from #ProjectFame9.0 competition as the overall shows ratings and followership dropped.

With plans from season 10 already in motion and Mummy J announcing on academy day 61 of #ProjectFame9.0 that all the previous runner-ups from season 1 to 9 will be given an opportunity to be crowned winner of season 10, there’s a chance Project Fame West Africa might regain it’s prized position among television shows of its kind.

The question that begs an answer from this season however is did Okiemute deserve the win?

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Okiemute Ighorodje
Catch Up On All Your #ProjectFame9.0 updates here.

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‘Fame Has Robbed Me Of Privacy And Freedom’ – Basketmouth

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 08:46 AM PDT

Popular Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, has expressed his 'earnest' gratitude to God for everything especially for his 'deserving' rise to stardom in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Basketmouth and his adorable family members having a sweet moment together

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the entertainer, who recently turned 38, however, broke words of certain things that have been snatched away from him as a result of fame – adding that he would not change anything if given the chance.

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When asked what fame has robbed him of the ace comedian simply said:

“I have been robbed of my privacy and the freedom I had. The fact that I must be very careful with everything I say and do is a bit of a pressure. However, I wouldn't trade the journey for anything. I won't change a thing.”

On the robbery incident that occurred about two weeks ago, he said:

"I will rather not talk about the robbery incident because it is in the past now. I just thank God nobody was hurt. My kids were asleep throughout the incident so that is something to really thank God for as the trauma would have messed them up for a while."

The dreadlock wearing comic act also spoke about his intention to release a movie very soon.

His words: "I have had to put my music career to rest for now as I have a lot of projects before me but soon, I will revisit it. Also, I have been working on a movie for a while now, but due to time constraint, I have not been able to start production but I will do so soon though."

He added: "I feel blessed because I know that the life we have can be taken for granted sometimes. I always thank God for every second, minute, hour, day, month and year I witness. Turning 38 is amazing and I pray that God will continue to bless me with more years in great health, happiness, favour and more. I thank God for everything especially when I look back to where I am coming from, it is really humbling where God has placed me and where he is taking me to. I am grateful for everything.

"I am good at making low points become high points. In everything that comes my way, I always thank God while believing that there is a reason for it. The ability to embrace everything in good faith and never backing down or getting distracted is one thing I think I am good at."

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Guardiola: City Will Find Top Four Finish Tough

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 08:34 AM PDT

Pep Guardiola does not think Manchester City will find making top four easy despite their flying start to the season.

City has notched 10 consecutive wins since the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach took charge.

Six of those victories has come from the EPL with the most recent win the 3-1 victory over Swansea.

“I didn’t think about what might happen at the start of the season,” he told the club’s website.

“We just focused on pre-season and then we took a lot of confidence from our Champions League qualifying games and then it’s been game-by-game.

“I honestly just think qualifying for the Champions League will be very tough.

“United played really well [against Leicester City], Liverpool are especially playing very well, as are Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal. Everton may have lost, but they are all so, so strong.

“Now we are thinking of Celtic and then it will be Tottenham and that’s how we’ll go forward. At the end of the season, we’ll see how our levels were and whether we were better than our rivals or not.”

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Ivanovic: Lack Of Belief To Blame For Chelsea Collapse

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 08:08 AM PDT

Ivanovic has said lack of belief is to blame for Chelsea’s collapse in the first half against Arsenal.

Three goals from Arsenal, courtesy of Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil inside 40 minutes, gave gunners the full points.

Antonio Conte’s men slipped to a second consecutive league defeat against a top-four rival, and Ivanovic — who captained the team in the absence of the injured John Terry — told Chelsea’s official website: “We didn’t start the game in the way we wanted.

“We didn’t believe in what we were doing at the beginning and we were punished.

“As a team, we didn’t answer anything the manager asked of us. We have to be honest with ourselves and put more attention on the small details. We have to be more focused and concentrated on the game.

“I know it’s very disappointing and it hurts all of us, but the opinion of everyone in the dressing room was in the same direction.

“We have to build on that, stay together, work hard, and believe in what we are doing. I am sure we can come out of it stronger. We have to stick together.”

After the match, Conte said Chelsea “are a great team only on paper,” and Ivanovic called on the players to start living up to their reputations at Hull City next Saturday.

“In this league every game is a different story, but it doesn’t mean you have to change your philosophy if you win or lose a game,” he said.

“Our way of playing has changed a bit and you always need time. In the last two games it has not been the usual Chelsea way, but if it starts working it will be very good for us. We will be very, very dangerous.

“We have to believe in what we are doing, and the results of that will come.”

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4 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is Great For Your Relationship

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 07:50 AM PDT

When was the last time you turn to your partner, as soon as you wake up, to express your need for a little morning pleasure? Having sex in the morning can do a lot to impact your relationship positively. Here are six ways.

1. Improve bonding

There is something about the stillness of the morning that makes sex at the time feel very intimate. This does not feel like the time to experiment with extreme moves, it is all about connecting with your partner and letting them know how much you love them. Cuddling afterwards can be quite cosy.

2. Start the day positively

Some couples carry a lot of stress to bed at night. When you have had a hard day of work and/or chores, you tend to just go to sleep despite not doing what you need to relax your mind. If you wake up and carry this stress around again the next day, it could negatively affect your health and your relationship. Most people even take it out on their partners. We know sex is a good way to relieve stress, so why not take a few minutes in the morning to calm down, enjoy your partner, and do away with the stress so you can start your day a lot more hopeful.

3. Orgasms can be uplifting

Just as sex helps relieves stress, having orgasms in the morning can greatly lift your mood and make you happier. Studies have shown that having orgasms can help elevate the mood almost instantly so you literally start the day with a smile on your face.

4. Improves your sex life

During the course of the day, you might find yourself finding reasons such as busy schedules, limited time as excuses to not have sex. It is easy for sex to take a backseat during this time and you find yourself going months without connecting sexually. Morning sex can help with this. All you need to do is find those couple of minutes between waking up and getting out of bed, to give your sex life that needed attention. It is less pressure and you do not need to plan for it.

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Gunman Kills Jordanian Writer ‘Charged For Offending Islam With Satirical Cartoon’

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 07:47 AM PDT

A prominent Jordanian writer – charged with offending Islam after allegedly sharing a satirical cartoon on his Facebook page – has been killed today outside the court in the capital Amman where he was standing trial, state news agency Petra said.

A relative of the Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar holds his photo during a sit-in in the town of al-Fuheis near Amman, Jordan, on Sunday. | REUTERS
A relative of the Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar holds his photo during a sit-in in the town of al-Fuheis near Amman, Jordan, on Sunday. | REUTERS

Nahid Hattar, a Christian, who was facing charges for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, was struck by three bullets on Sunday before the assailant was apprehended, said Petra.

Sources who witnessed the incident told AFP that an armed man had opened fire in front of the court in Amman's Abdali district.

The 56-year-old Christian writer was arrested on August 13 and detained for 15 days after sharing a cartoon which allegedly mocks jihadists on his Facebook account.

According to local media, he was detained on charges of insulting God, inciting sectarian strife and insulting Islam before being released on bail in early September.

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The cartoon he shared depicts a bearded man lying in bed with two women and smoking, asking God to bring him a drink.

The cartoon features an illustration of God under the title "God of Daesh", using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.

He stated on Facebook that the cartoon made fun of "terrorists and how they imagine God and heaven, and does not insult God in any way".

The publication provoked 'monumental' outrage on social media as netizens accused him of being anti-Islam.

While he removed the cartoon from his Facebook page, Hattar, however, said he had not meant to cause offence and wanted to expose radical Islamists’ view of heaven.

But the authorities said he had broken the law by sharing the cartoon.

Jordan is a leading member of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in neighbouring Iraq and Syria, and was the target of a June 21 suicide bombing that killed seven border guards.

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Patience Jonathan: Nigeria’s Richest First Lady Of All Time [Must Read]

Posted: 25 Sep 2016 06:53 AM PDT

Patience Jonathan, Nigeria's Richest First Lady Of All Time – In This Piece, She Is Said To Be Wealthier, More Powerful Than All Her 14 Predecessors

The admission by Patience Jonathan that she owns the whopping $31.4 million recently discovered in four bank accounts that were frozen by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has placed her as the richest First Lady that Nigeria ever had, investigation by Daily Trust on Sunday has shown.

This piece was written by Fidelis Mac-Leva and was first published on Daily Trust. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Checks have shown that none of her predecessors had ever owned up to having such an amount or has been accused to have amassed such wealth. Nigeria has had no fewer than 15 First Ladies – title of the wife of the president of Nigeria – since 1963, when Nigeria became a republic.

Patience became Nigeria's 14th First Lady, 57 years after the wife of Nnmadi Azikiwe, Flora Azikiwe. She was succeeded in May 29, 2015 by the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Checks by this newspaper did not yield any record that is available to the public to link any of the other First Ladies with wealth that can surpass that of Patience, who is also known as Mama Peace.

This is despite the fact some of their spouses were military heads of state that headed regimes that have been accused of allowing wanton corruption in public life.

Mama Peace did not only blaze the trail as the richest, she also placed ahead of the pack as the most influential (powerful) and most entertaining.

During the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, some ministers were known to be at her beck and call, not to talk of police commissioners like Mbu, whom she ordered to do her bidding. She was also known to put cities on a lockdown whenever she was coming for a visit, to be unshackled only after she had left.

Patience's Jumbo accounts

The funds were traced to Patience's jumbo accounts when the EFCC took former presidential aide, Amajuoyi Azubike Briggs, Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited, former Skye Bank official, Damola Bolodeoku and Avalon Global Property Development Company Limited to court in an alleged $31.4 million fraud involving the companies.

The anti-graft agency consequently placed a "Post no Debit order while investigating  the bank accounts of Pluto Property and Investment Company Limited; Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Limited; Globus Integrated Service Limited and Seagate Property Development and Investment Limited all domiciled with Skye Bank.

But while the EFCC claimed that all the funds traced these accounts linked to the former president's wife were proceeds of gratification, the embattled former first lady also claimed that the money actually belonged to her and that they were meant for her medical bills.

In an affidavit deposed to by one Sammie Somiari, a lawyer, Mrs. Jonathan said she asked Mr. Dudafa to assist her to open the bank accounts, which the EFCC had frozen.

In laying claim to the money, Mrs. Jonathan filed an application on September 6, 2016, with file number FHC/L/C5/1233/16, asking the court to make an order for the enforcement of her fundamental rights in terms of the reliefs sought. She also prayed the court to make a declaration that the fund standing to the credit of the four of the companies, an account in her name with Skye Bank, belonged to her.

Also, a letter with reference number GA/Abibo/00226/2016, written by her lawyers, Granville Abibo (SAN) and Co, which was addressed to the acting chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu read in part: "It is noteworthy to emphasize that the said accounts, which were in US dollar denomination, were card-based accounts and our client is the sole signatory to these accounts.

Patience's riches attracted media attention when she reportedly built a hotel worth N10billion in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. The hotel, known as Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, was inaugurated by the former First Lady in April 2015, barely a month before the end of her husband's tenure.

Known for her numerous grammatical slips and comical verbiages, which found expressions on the social media, Patience Jonathan also courted controversies like the moth to naked light.

How Patience's wealth surpasses other first ladies'

Flora Azikiwe
Flora Azikiwe was Nigeria's First Lady from October 1, 1963, when the country became a republic, to January 15, 1966, when the military made its first incursion into the country's politics, toppling the first civilian government. However, Flora was not known to be associated with wealth until her death in 1983 even though she was reputed to be a highly flamboyant lady who was always visible around her husband.

Victoria Ironsi
In the same vein, Victoria Aguiyi-Ironsi became Nigeria's second First Lady after the bloody military coup of January 1966. Victoria spent only about seven months as First Lady before her husband, Major-General Aguiyi Ironsi, was removed from power in a counter-coup. Like Flora Azikiwe, Mrs. Ironsi, who presently lives in Umuahia, maintained little visibility and was never associated with riches.

Vitoria Gowon

Also, Mrs. Victoria Gowon, who was First Lady from August 1, 1966 to July 29, 1975 and her successor Ajoke Mohammed, who became First Lady from July 29, 1975 to February 13, 1976, were never associated with riches.

Ajoke Murtala
Ajoke became known to the public after the death of her husband, Murtala Mohammed.

Esther Obasanjo
It was the same for Esther Oluremi Obasanjo, who held sway from February 13, 1976 to October 1, 1979.
The wives of Alhaji Shehu Shagari were hardly seen in public when he was the president from October 1, 1979 to December 31, 1983. It was, therefore, difficult to obtain records on their activities.

Safinatu Buhari

However, Safinatu Buhari maintained a degree of visibility while her husband was head of state from December 31, 1983 to August 27, 1985, but she did not wield any power or influence.

Maryam Babangida

During her time as the First Lady, Maryam Babangida was not known to be influential or powerful; rather, she was seen as a glamorous and classy woman.

Between 1985 and 1993, she founded the popular pet programme, the Better Life for Rural Women and used it to promote women issues.

The famous lawyer and rights activist, Gani Fawehenmi, however, accused her of getting money from government to fund her Better Life project.

She is known to be the owner of the Al-Amin International School in Minna.

Maryam Abacha

Like her predecessor, Maryam Abacha brought some glamour to the office when she held sway from 1993 to 1998. Even though her husband was accused of being a dictator, Maryam was not known to be involved in financial scandals.

She was, however, said to command some influence in governance at the time.

There is no record of her financial worth, even though her late husband is accused of stashing billions of dollars in foreign accounts which successive Nigerian governments have been battling to repatriate.

She founded the Family Support Programme and the Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP), for which the government appointed a permanent secretary.

Fati Abdulsalami

As First Lady from June 8, 1998 -May 29, 1999, Fati Abubakar was hardly visible in the public glare.  A former chief judge of Niger State, she founded the Women's Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), a non-governmental organisation that advanced the course of women rights. There are no records either involving her with financial impropriety or riches.

Stella Obasanjo

Until her accidental death in 2005, Stella Obasanjo was visible and fashionable, but she was not interfering in government. When she became Nigeria's First Lady in 1999, following the election of her husband as president, Stella established the Child Care Trust for the care of underprivileged and/or disabled children.

Turai Yar'Adua
Hajiya Turai Yar'Adua was very powerful and visible as First Lady from May 29, 2007 to February 9, 2010. Her interference in government became a problem when her husband, Umaru Musa Yar'Adau, began to fall sick. It was at that time that the nation first heard about a cabal operating in the presidency.

As the head of the said cabal, Turai became the de facto acting president, running the affairs of the country as Yar'Adua's condition deteriorated.

She was embroiled in a land ownership tussle with her successor, Patience Jonathan. There is no record to show how much the former First Lady is worth, but last week, the announcement by the police that her domestic aide was arrested for allegedly stealing a whopping N91million from her, six years after leaving the Aso Rock, left Nigerians speculating that she could be in big money.

The current First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has been in business before her husband was elected president in 2015, running beauty parlours in Kaduna and other places. Although some men around the president are being accused of accepting financial gratifications, Aisha's name has not been linked to the allegations. She is said to have sponsored some of her foreign trips even as wife of the president.

She has come up with an initiative called Future Assured to promote the health and wellbeing of women and children through community mobilisation and health promotion.

Going by her husband's anti-corruption posture, it is almost predictable that Aisha would not be a First Lady to amass wealth.

Battle of the First Ladies

Among all the First Ladies mentioned, two stand out – perhaps in exercise of political power and influence. Turai Yar'Adua and Patience Jonathan make the duo. They were engaged in a battle over the ownership of a large parcel of land located in the Federal Capital Territory.

The disputed land, plot no. 1347 at Cadastral Zone AOO, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT, was initially allocated to Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation (WAYEF), while Mrs. Yar'Adua held sway as First Lady. But the FCT Minister under the Jonathan administration, Bala Mohammed, revoked the allocation for what he described as "overriding public interest" and re-allocated it to Mrs. Jonathan for the building of African First Lady Peace Mission headquarters on November 2, 2011.

Mrs. Yar'Adua complained that the land allocated to WAYEF on February 19, 2010 was being trespassed upon by Mrs. Jonathan and got a court order in 2012, restraining Patience from affecting WAYEF title and interest over the land.

As part of the moves to get a negotiated settlement, the then Federal Capital Territory Administration had offered WAYEF Plot. 1838 Cadastral Zone AOO Abuja, measuring 6119.29 square meters as replacement plot, while another plot 1839 was also proposed to be in favour of the African First Lady Mission, measuring 6100.51 square meters.

Interestingly, the battle of the First Ladies ended in the court, where Hajiya Turai Yar'Adua eventually floored incumbent Patience Jonathan as Justice Peter Affren of the Abuja High Court delivered a judgement setting aside the purported revocation by the FCT Administration, of the dispute land.

Going by her claim over the ownership of the whopping $31.4 million, Patience Jonathan has proved that in the battle for financial power amongst First Ladies, she is currently the champion.

This piece was written by Fidelis Mac-Leva and was first published on Daily Trust. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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