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Radioman Africa born Elochukwu Ekwughs a.k.a known as (Ibudi Onye Nnedi screamer) the award nominee afritune singer and song writer will present new music style in ghetto gospel pattern tracked Life is sweet. Message centred lyrics is one of the basic characteristics of Radioman songs.
Life is sweet focused on sweetness of life, despite all obstacles and afflictions. No one wish to die and the song prayed that you and i, will not die young. We must live to enjoy life because life is sweet. When you listen to this music you will still believe that Radioman is gifted and talented artist. Life is sweet will be Radioman Africa sixth singles release online. The crooner of Kololo Dance, No Be My Fault still have other songs he released earlier that is still making waves like Nectarman, Kitakita and Afriad To.
Life is sweet was produced by Bokosmix, mastered and mixed by Magic Finger.
Release date is on 21th August, 2017.
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